Our Process


The Process

1. We review your power bills to determine your System Size.

2. Solenergy Customizes a system to fit your needs.

3. Select your best financing option

4. Conduct a Site Survey

5. Set an installation date and enjoy the savings



Baseline Analysis

SolEnergy works with customers of all credit lines to protect them from raising utility rates. Homeowners can qualify for $0 down financing and receive savings from day one. We will show you how to produce energy yourself and make money doing it.



Certified professionals will conduct a site survey which includes a structural evaluation of the building to determine factors such as roof pitch and potential obstructions. Then we customize system options to maximize your profits.  


Health Benefits 

Sadly, air pollution is the leading environmental cause of death in the world. Most of this pollution is caused by the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity. Solar energy can help reduce the harmful impact from greenhouse gases for the future of our children.

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Repair the economy

in 2017, the solar industry employed more Americans than oil, gas and coal combined. By going solar, you are contributing to job growth in America and reducing our dependence on imported fuel. All members of our team are hired locally. 


production Guaranteed

All of our manufacturers carry guaranteed production warranties. The EU Energy Institute found 90% of panels last for 30 years or longer.  We also offer a monitoring and maintenance package to support your system 24/7.

Whoever controls your Energy, controls your destiny. 100 Percent renewable is 100 percent American.
— Mark Ruffalo