Commerical Solar

Learn how your business can maximize its potential by owning its own power station. With combined experience working in the Pentagon and U.S. military, we understand the importance of energy reliability, independence and cost efficiency. SolEnergy provides turn-key service that will handle 100% of your project needs.

The game

Nuclear Decommissioning Fee, Distribution Charge, Delivery Point Charge, Transition Charge, Transmission Cost Recovery Factor, and all the rest of the additional charges are just gibberish the electric companies use to charge you more money. The pass through charges and fees equate to a 65% increase.

If you went to purchase a home or a car and at closing they increased the price by 65% you would think twice.

Why are you allowing your electric provider to do this to you?

It’s difficult enough operating a business and having additional unnecessary overhead definitely doesn’t help. I was spending $12,000-$15,000 per month on electricity. In just the last 10 years I spent almost $1,800,000 on electricity. After eliminating this expense I was able to hire more employees and purchase equipment to help us expand and further increase our profit margins.
— Houston Business Owner

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Accelerated depreciation

MACRS(Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System) is the most commonly used method for reducing tax liabilities. A tax credit is a $1 for $1 credit from the taxes you would be paying. A tax deduction lowers the amount of income you are taxed on. For this method we are deducting 85% of the system cost over 6 years and accelerating it in year one. Sometimes a small deduction can be just enough to lower you an entire tax bracket and have a huge impact. This client got 52% of their investment back in the first year just from the incentives while eliminating their electric bill.



Property Assesed Clean Energy is an innovative way for owners to pay for building upgrades. PACE covers 100% of the improvement costs, up to 20% of the buildings value. This financing option has legislation in 32 states.

Non-recourse to owners

Does not impact mortgage LTV ratios (not considered debt)

Transfers upon sale

Can be passed on to tenants as room tax or CAM(common area maintenance) charges.

SolEnergy is bringing Power back to the citizens and away from monopolies. Ask about our new technologies provided by Power Ledger and Clean Energy blockchain.

SolEnergy is bringing Power back to the citizens and away from monopolies. Ask about our new technologies provided by Power Ledger and Clean Energy blockchain.

Multi-Family Units

So you come up with the money for the big down payment on some multi family properties to try and make money. Why would you allow someone else who didn't invest in you to come in and take money each month from your tenants? As little as $100 per month from each unit could add up to enough to pay for the entire investment over time. Keep all the fruits from the tree you planted in your own basket.


The easiest financing in the industry.

Same day credit approvals!

No funding delays- we use EDOCS which do not require originals and expedite underwriting.

Applications up to $250,000 with no financial statements required.