Larry Fagala

Lighting Designer


The Science

Incandescent lights use energy to heat a filament to a high enough temperature to produce visible light. Less the 2.5% of the energy is converted into visible light. At the same time you are paying to cool your home or business you have these lamps where the glass temperature can reach 500°F working against you.



Outdoor lighting is great for safety as well as aesthetics. Coming home to a well lit house can give you peace of mind before walking in the door.



This kitchen/dining room had twenty-five 300 watt incandescent light bulbs consuming 7,500 watts per hour. This was the equivalence of running all the major appliances in the home at the same time. We replaced these bulbs with brighter LED lights that were only 15 watts each totaling 375 watts; Which is less energy than 2 of the previous lights. That's a 95% reduction in consumption.



If you have art , family photos, degrees, or trophies don't let dim lighting take away from the items you are trying to highlight. Let your achievements and works you are proud of shine bright.



No job too small, no job too large. Our team can assist you with converting your small or large business to high efficiency LED lighting.