Commercial solar

Learn how your business can maximize its potential by owning its own power station. With combined experience working in the Pentagon and U.S. military, we understand the importance of energy reliability, independence, and cost efficiency. SolEnergy provides turn-key service that will handle 100% of your project needs.


So you come up with the money for the big down payment on some multi family properties to try and make money. Why would you allow someone else who didn't invest in you to come in and take money each month from your tenants? As little as $100 per month from each unit could add up to enough to pay for the entire investment over time. Keep all the fruits from the tree you planted in your own basket.

Community Solar

If you live in an apartment building or manage and develop properties for a living, chances are convincing all residents to install solar panels can be a hard sell. How will you ensure everyone is using the same amount of energy, or getting a fair return on their initial investment?

Our platform makes this possible. It enables residents to trade solar energy with each other instead of letting it spill back to the grid. It means residents can buy from those closest to them, keeping the investment, profit and benefit of renewables within the community.

For developers or building managers, the platform means you can offer more attractive rates to residents in comparison with traditional service providers. Detailed usage data allows you to track consumption and be more energy efficient in common areas, because you'll be able to see where the bulk of energy is being used, and by whom, and manage it more efficiently.

Consumers are considering the carbon intensity of their energy consumption and the economic impact of their electricity usage more than ever before. But not everyone can afford solar panels and some, such as renters or those whose roofs aren’t orientated to benefit from solar exposure, have no choice in the matter.

They deserve the same access to low-cost, low-carbon energy as everyone else. Peer-to-peer trading via our xGrid platform enables energy companies to give their customers access to renewable energy, even when they can’t generate it themselves. It also ensures the value from the investment in distributed energy resources, like rooftop solar panels, stays in the community where the energy investment is made.

Customers can sell their excess energy to their neighbors, and energy companies now have another prosumer-consumer couple on their books that might otherwise have been expensive to retain or acquire.

Community Solar allows for democratization of the Electric Grid.

Community Solar allows for democratization of the Electric Grid.