Our Vision

"to inspire the world in the transition to solar energy"


With combined experience working within the Pentagon and U.S. military, we understand the importance of energy reliability, independence and cost efficiency. The Grid is an outdated infrastructure that needs immediate investment at all levels of government. Fortunately enough, we have the ability to provide Americans a pathway to democratize the grid, all while decentralizing it.

By developing Community Smart Grids, we can improve Homeland Security, energy grid reliance, and modernize our energy infrastructure. Having thousands of Solar Energy sources opposed to a Central Power Station is a much safer energy grid by eliminating a single point of failure design.

Democratizing the Energy Grid, means bringing the “Power” back to Consumers. Currently over 80% of Energy Markets in the United States are regulated by 1 Utility Company.

SolEnergy’s goal of developing a decentralized energy structure will allow all citizens to actively participate in the growth of the industry and be accountable for the impact of energy on the environment.

Our world is being altered by technology and innovation at an alarming rate. In most cases this is a positive thing but as jobs are replaced by machines, we need to be resourceful with our investments for job creation. Clean Energy Infrastructure should be at the top of Americans list.


Joseph Bushrod

SolEnergy, President